Elementary (Grade 1 – 6)

Child reading a bookAcademics

 At Uxbridge Montessori School, we offer a naturally advanced and purposefully enriched curriculum that is effectively delivered through a low teacher-student ratio. Our Elementary Program is advanced in the subjects of Mathematics, Language Arts and Science due to the strong foundation provided in these areas by our Casa Program, and utilizes specifically developed Montessori Materials. Our Elementary curriculum meets and/or exceeds the Ministry of Education requirements while emphasizing critical thinking and abstract learning. Students at UMS will find a creative, structured, stimulating and disciplined environment in which to reach their full potential. Enrichment and remedial needs are integrated into our curriculum by providing an individualized programme for each student.

Program Philosophy

Children have unique cognitive and social/emotional needs. Often, they have advanced curiosity and are creative and imaginative when motivated. We have a responsibility to help them capitalize on their abilities and provide them with opportunities to expand their horizons. To this end, we focus on extended learning experiences, the development of higher order thinking skills and the provision of new opportunities for critical investigations. The Ontario Curriculum remains the key foundation from which all program enrichment elements develop.

Character Education

Uxbridge Montessori School has made a long-standing commitment to embed Character Education within the curriculum and make a consistent and sustained effort which causes our students to embrace the attributes. We are pleased to see the vast majority of our students already have a clear understanding of these values and demonstrate them in day-to-day activities. INTEGRITY is about trust and confidence in others, about doing the right thing and demonstrating honorable conduct. RESPECT is about courtesy, mutual understanding, and treating others in a positive and supportive manner. It extends to respect for yourself, respect for others, respect for property and respect for country. RESPONSIBILITY is about limits and guidelines that influence our freedom. It implies accountability for the choices we make. EMPATHY is about understandingElementary image 4 the feelings of others and thereby understanding yourself in a deeper way. It is about patience, tolerance, and respect for diversity. CITIZENSHIP is about observing written and unwritten rules of social conduct and understanding that the individual is part of a larger group. A feeling of citizenship often sets the tone for communities and schools. HONESTY is about being trustworthy and truthful, both socially and academically.

Arts and Crafts

The Elementary educational experience is anchored in our Montessori homerooms where highly trained, certified Montessori teachers guide and inspire learning. This is complemented by the work of expert specialist teachers in art, French, music, technology, physical education and health. An interdisciplinary approach with homeroom and specialist teachers creates opportunities for students to develop significant depth and breadth in their knowledge and basic skills. The development of higher level thinking skills such as research, synthesis, problem solving and application are regularly engaged throughout this process. Elementary classrooms are welcoming, child centered spaces filled with hands-on activities that inspire responsibility, concentration and determination. Our visual art program promotes the development of technique, creativity, risk taking and critical thinking. Students enjoy the opportunity to work with a variety of materials including plaster, paint, clay and wood. Engaging projects encourage personal expression while students learn about art history and a sense of other cultures. Ultimately students develop their ability to see, feel and communicate what they are thinking.

Physical Education

Students experience enjoyment as they learn physical skills, goal setting and discipline. They also learn social skills such as working with others, fairness, team play, sportsmanship and leadership. This experience creates a lifelong interest in physical activity, health and fitness in each student’s daily life. Students take part in individual and team sports and are introduced to lifelong leisure activities. Our off-site gym program for swimming and skating enhances our weekly activity sessions and allows students to learn new skills and enjoy physical activity.

MusicElementary image 2

Various educational approaches encourage the development of knowledge and skills through joyful participation in making music. Active involvement in listening, movement, singing and playing are combined with the introduction of musical notation and terminology. Music instruction is often integrated with classroom learning about various cultures and historical periods, dramatic activities and visual arts. Commencing in grade four, students are introduced to Band instruments. Students hone their work ethic and deepen their musical knowledge, skill and creativity in an engaging and rewarding program. Learning the Orff method provides a diverse knowledge of instruments, rhythm and musicality with opportunities to further develop important skills in areas including team-building and leadership. They also begin to develop understanding in music theory and composition.

ComputersElementary image 3

Students develop computer skills through a variety of applications such as Microsoft Word and activities that allow them to become more adept at computer literacy.


Co-curricular activities play an important role in the daily life at UMS. The students pursue their individual talents and interests by participating in our after school clubs. Through their participation, students receive a chance to practise the three UMS Ideals which are gaining and understanding how to respect themselves as well as others, to make good choices that have positive effects and outcomes, and to strive to do their best. Along the way, they develop self-confidence, discover new talents and create lasting friendships. The following are co-curricular activities open to our students at various grade levels: Athletic Teams, House Leagues, Band, Choir, Orff Ensembles, Drama Club, Friends of the Community and Toy Mountain Committee. In addtion, UMS offers a wide variety of user pay Extracurricular Programs.