Elementary (Grade 7 – 8)

Grades 7 and 8 are transition years at Uxbridge Montessori School. The Montessori Environment and the learning foundation it provides blends with the Ontario Curriculum at the Middle School level. This represents an exciting time of transition and development asIMG_2665 students gain independence and see their responsibilities increase in preparation for the senior grades. The environment in which these steps are taken is carefully structured in order to encourage students to take partial ownership of their learning and the choices they are making. With support and guidance from teachers, as needed, intermediate level students gain a gradually increasing degree of independence and associated responsibility.

Academic subjects such as mathematics, literacy and science become more structured and content becomes more complex with a focus on real world applications. Some subjects like French, Music, Computers and Physical Education are taught by specialist teachers. The provision of advanced technology within the learning environment enriches the teaching/learning experiences. Specifically, the use of SmartBoards and iPads blend with other resources to ensure students have access to the current information and technology they require.

Character Education is subtly woven throughout all programs and overtly recognized as well. The social and emotional development of children, coupled with their academic needs, represents a balanced approach to learning in every class.  Smart Board Math

At UMS, the Middle School model is one that provides a gradual turning point for young adolescents still needing the continuity of a smaller peer group. This turning point is gradually blended with a learning model that has specialist teachers and an increasingly challenging learning environment. The academic program enables students to maximize their learning capacity and enhance abstract thinking abilities. Independent studies and personalized assignments, accelerated courses in mathematics, French and other subjects add new opportunities for students to take academic risks and attain goals. With low student-teacher ratios, individual attention is given to each child.

Grade 7 and 8 students also develop independent study habits and organizational skills, are taught to bring projects to an effective conclusion, and to communicate their ideas to others.

UMS provides academic instruction, via the Ontario Curriculum, in the following core subjects:


  • Language
  •  Mathematics
  • Science
  • History/Geography
  • Computer Studies
  • French
  • Financial Literacy
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education
  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • Drama


UMS Quality Academic Focus

A commitment to advanced and enriched academic programming
A commitment to high student achievement and expectations
A commitment to literacy and wide exposure to many genres of literature.
A commitment to comprehensive grounding in mathematics, science and information technology
A commitment to enhanced opportunities in the arts and many varied extra-curricular school activities
A commitment to the development of thinking and leadership skills