Motto: To Inspire, Guide and Challenge

Vision Statement: We educate the whole child, promote intellectual and social growth and weave character development into the fabric of our curriculum. Reaching the Childs fullest potential is an inherent vision in all that we do

Beliefs & Values:

  • We believe a sense of family and community is fundamental to development
  • We believe each individual is valued and responsible for their own behavior
  • We believe a sense of purpose and self-worth enhance life
  • We believe we must value respect, responsibility, honesty, optimism and positive character traits
  • We believe we have a profound responsibility among students, staff, families, and the community
  • We believe schools foster in children a strong work ethic and develop creative, analytical thinkers
  • We believe schools provide a framework for moral and ethical decision making
  • We believe Character Education is a fundamental component of personal development
  • We believe schools encourage a sense of global awareness and civic responsibility


  • To ensure curriculum development, its refinement and staff development plans are ongoing
  • To ensure a safe and caring learning environment exists
  • To ensure student assessment programming is ongoing, authentic and meaningful
  • To ensure enrichment programming reflects the learning abilities of the children
  • To ensure all employees have opportunities to become educational leaders
  • To ensure all employees are accountable for contributing a sense of partnership
  • To foster productive links with elite Ontario Private Schools, both Elementary and Secondary

Areas of Emphasis:

  • We emphasize academic excellence and student achievement
  • We emphasize strong leadership of staff and students
  • We emphasize accountability
  • We emphasize community and parent involvement and communication