Director’s Message

director image of uxbridgemontessori
Success in education at UMS, and elsewhere rests on four key points:
  1. A culture based on high expectations within quality programs
  2. A flexible and responsive structure
  3. A strategy that is clear
  4. Focused and a flawless execution of this strategy
Building upon these cornerstones, UMS provides the quality education that your children deserve and you expect.  UMS is purpose-driven and our students are action-oriented, and as a result, students learn to solve problems creatively, work with new ideas, become adaptive and versatile to changing environments, anticipate this change, and develop superior communication skills, either verbally, through writing, or using technology.  By graduation, our students will have consolidated and internalized the learning process, become equipped with critical knowledge, and possess character traits that will provide them with the confidence to be successful in their future endeavors.